Smaller and Softer

I’m jumping forward in time to the present day to share some wonderful news.

I had my second round of chemotherapy this week and an appointment with my oncologist just before that. She confirmed what I suspected. My cancer is smaller and softer.

My two favourite words this week are smaller and softer.

I’d only had one round of FEC and already I can feel the results with my own hand.

My beautiful daughter turns 21 next month. We had an early, mid-week party for her this week because one of her closest friends is heading overseas soon.

As I sat there looking, thinking about the wise, kind and beautiful woman she’s become and enjoying the company of her impressive collection of friends, I knew that no matter what happens with me, and cancer, she’s going to be okay.

FYC! I’ve got to much to live for to let you beat me!

My daughter tells me that all she wants from me for her birthday is for me to be cancer-free. I do love to give her whatever she wants. And if I can’t manage tumour free in two weeks I’ll still be very, very happy with smaller and softer!

I am spending as much of this week as possible being deeply thankful.

I love this man’s work:

Here’s a quote from him and my focus for today:

“Consider for just a moment the benefits of a thankful heart:

  • A thankful heart breeds contentment. It appreciates the many gifts of life itself.
  • A thankful heart promotes optimism. Optimism leads to enthusiasm and determination.
  • A thankful heart brings healthy attentiveness. It finds time to slow down and count blessings.
  • A thankful heart shifts the focus of attention from ourselves to others. It understands that our lives have been enriched by them.
  • A thankful heart is more likely to help others. It humbly realizes it has benefited from others and as a result, is more apt to notice needs.
  • A thankful heart attracts generous people and faithful friends.
  • Studies have found that gratitude results in better physical health and mental awareness.
  • Gratitude heightens enjoyment of the good seasons of life. And provides strength to make it through the difficult ones.”

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