Everything Kills Cancer!

A day at the battle front:

I wake up ready to fight cancer and reflect on my amazing body’s ability thrive in adversity.

I dress in my cancer-fighting clothes. This is my armour and I’m ready for the battle. Okay, most of it is poly-cotton but that in no way diminishes the cancer fighting benefits.

A couple of cups of cancer-fighting coffee, complete with soluble fibre (because cancer just hates it when my digestion is working well) while I check in on Facebook and load up on all that cancer-kicking love and support from my friends. Then it’s a shot of Babushka kefir yoghurt for all those amazing probiotics and I smile once again at the way this brilliant product has prevented any nausea during chemotherapy. Cancer hates probiotics. Screw you cancer!

Now it’s time for my cancer-anialating yoga. Cancer really can’t survive yoga. I remind myself that the days when I feel the least like yoga are the days when I most need yoga. I also contemplate the benefits of any yoga, even five minutes of yoga, over no yoga at all. Start with cat stretches and see where it takes me. Now I need warrior poses because that’s how I’m feeling; I’m a warrior and the cancer is my enemy. Here I come to kill it. My energy level is rising. My breathing is deep and calm. My body is moving effortlessly into poses that only a couple of years ago would have been impossible for me. Wonderful. What hope does cancer have? None at all.

Breakfast, like all my meals, is a cancer bomb. Take that cancer! Mostly organic and full of all kinds of nourishment that kicks cancer’s arse. Add some hemp seed for the omega 3 because cancer shrivels in the face of it. Maybe some walnuts because cancer loathes walnuts with a passion.

Good food makes healthy cells and helps my body to kill off anything that isn’t perfect. Good food stops deformed cells from setting up a blood supply and turning into tumours. I’m eating this way for the rest of my life.

If the weather is fine, and often if it’s not, I’ll head into the garden. Sunlight lifts my mood and cancer hates happiness. Working in the garden gives me that sense of flow, where time passes joyfully. Flow is the natural enemy of cancer. As I prune back bushes and seed heads I imagine the cancer being cut out of my body. As I pull weeds I imagine the chemotherapy weeding out the cancer cells.

Showers are a particularly effective weapon against cancer. The warm water helps the drugs circulate to my cancer site. I imagine the damaged cancer cells dying and washing out of my body and down the drain. So long cancer.

The shower reminds me that it’s important to drink plenty of water. My amazing cancer-fighting body needs water to function well, and to flush out those cancer cells. Drink more water.

A light lunch in the afternoon might include some organic, grass fed meat because it’s the only kind with omega 3. The other stuff has too much omega 6 and cancer just loves it when I don’t get enough omega 3. Screw you, cancer, here comes another food bomb. I might add in some turmeric because there’s research saying it could help, and in sensible quantities it certainly can’t hurt. Tasty, nourishing, cancer killing food is a source of strength and joy to me. I eat loads of organic vegetables and fresh herbs from the garden. I might have a shot of juice made from beetroot, celery, strawberries, ginger, apple, parsley and anything  else fresh and healthy that I can find. Just a shot though because I don’t want to overdose on the anti-oxidants. Chemotherapy oxidises cancer and I don’t want to counteract it.

The afternoon might be spent writing or reading, or back out in the garden, or catching up with chores, or, lately, just resting as I start to feel the fatigue that comes with chemotherapy; think of it as my body’s way of telling me it needs rest to really hit that cancer where it hurts. No matter what I’m doing, I’m fighting. There’s no escaping me.

I might do some research. Knowledge is power which is why cancer hates it. I’m informed about my treatment and confident about the choices I’m making. Fear is cancer’s best friend. I can disable cancer by killing fear.

If I’m inside I’ll put music on. Sacred Earth or something like it. I feel the music move between the molecules of my body and vibrate the cancer away. Resonating. Harmonising. My body loves music and cancer has no chance against it.

In the evening there’s usually a cuddle with my husband and we plan what we’ll be doing tonight. Cancer withers with cuddles. We might cook dinner together or one of us will cook and the other will clean. Lately he’s had to do both but he doesn’t mind. He’s a genius at coming up with tasty, cancer fighting food and tempting me with it even when ‘metal mouth’ strikes. We often put mushrooms in with dinner because there’s some interesting research results around fungus and cancer. Cancer hates mushrooms.

If we watch a movie it’s likely to involve laughter or violence. Laughter shakes cancer loose and rattles fear.  Movies fire my imagination. I am Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. It doesn’t matter how many times cancer tries to knock me down, I’m coming back. I can dig myself out of a grave. Fuck you cancer!

At night I clean my teeth with my cancer fighting toothpaste, use my anti-cancer skin oil and curl up between my magical cancer destroying sheets for another night of fighting cancer; I’m so good at this I can do it in my sleep!


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