Unhappy News

The pathology from my surgery last week shows active cancer.

DCIS but it had started to become invasive. This is not an option we were expecting.


I’ve asked my surgeon to find out the mitotic rate. I want to know if this is the same cancer or if I’m one of those rare, unlucky people for whom radiation and/or chemotherapy have caused an aggressive mutation.

My doctor is recommending a mastectomy. It’s survived chemotherapy and radiation. It’s too aggressive to risk it. Leaving the breast will almost certainly result in recurrence. Sad.

I’m still happy with all of the choices I’ve made because I know I’ve done everything I reasonably could have done to save my breast. It might have gone differently.

I’m definitely having the mastectomy.

My only decisions are one breast or two and reconstruction or not. I’ll take some time, do some research and do some thinking.

The worst part of this news is that it does not bode well for my long term survival chances.

Of course I’ll keep fighting.

Of course I’ll keep enjoying life and all the wonderful people in it.

I might beat the odds, and I might not.

When you ask your surgeon for a prognosis and she tells you that one of her patients with a cancer like yours is still with us after four years (wow….a whole four years!) it starts to sink in.

Triple negative, basal, high mitotic rate, grade 3, aggressive, invasive and with a high chance of metastasising.

It is what it is.




3 thoughts on “Unhappy News

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while and love your writing. I’m so sorry your news wasn’t what you’d hoped for. There are no “at leasts” for this. You will be in my thoughts.

  2. I’ll keep praying for you. It’s disappointing. But like you said it is what it is. Maybe you need to go back to FOC!
    Lots to research and think about I’m sure you’ll get your answers.
    Best wishes

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