A Warning About Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements

IMPORTANT HEALTH WARNING: New Scientist for the 30th of August 2014 has a great article about the current scientific research into vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s no surprise that most of them are useless. Vitamin D and Fish Oil get the tick but if you’re like a lot of post menopausal woman and taking a vitamin D supplement that includes calcium then please read this:

“Too much calcium from supplements can cause kidney stones. But of graver concern are risks to the heart. A five year trial of post menopausal women found that those taking the supplements were more likely to suffer a heart attack or a stroke than those who didn’t. A subsequent analysis confirmed the increased risk. As a result of such studies, medical advice is changing. Last year the US Preventative Services Task Force changed its guidance to recommend against the combination of calcium and vitamin D supplements for post menopausal women.”

So if you’re vitamin D deficient take a supplement that doesn’t contain calcium (in Australia, Blackmores make one) or better still, try to get the recommended amount of sunshine on bare skin for your location. New Scientist also published research about a year ago that established the superiority of sunshine over supplements.

This is particularly important for anyone facing chemotherapy. Oncologists typically (and sensibly) recommend a vitamin D supplement because we need to avoid direct sunlight during chemo. Many of the commercially available supplements, like ‘Caltrate’ ¬†contain calcium. Check to make sure you’re not taking something that might compromise your health.

I’m a big fan of A2 milk and get plenty of calcium in my diet. If you’re not a milk drinker then google ‘food sources of calcium’ to make sure you’re eating enough.



2 thoughts on “A Warning About Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements

  1. Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this article. I take extra Blackmore’s Vit D and Caltrate – only for calcium with vit D. I thought it helped absorption.
    How much is too much I wonder.
    I just had my calcium checked and it’s not high.
    My Vit D is still on the lower side in normal range and I get out in the sun (running) but not bare skinned enough. I’d totally run topless on our farm if I didn’t have people around.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just ordered another vitamin d3 supplement (its good at keeping cancer away and I’ve been taking it over a year now) and a calcium/mag supplement for my osteoporosis problem. If its not one thing its another! I will monitor myself. Thanks for the post.

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