The Book Is Almost Here!

Hi everyone,

A bit excited!
Just sent the final draft of my book to someone so that it can be formatted for publication on Kindle.

And yes, I did finally make up my mind about a title:

‘FREE FROM FEAR – living well after cancer’

It’s got lots of practical strategies for dealing with that slow, creeping fear that the cancer is back as well as a whole section on living your best life. I was inspired by all the people that commented on this blog. You encouraged me to keep writing so I did!

I don’t have any grand ambitions. I’m just hoping to pass on the information that was so beneficial to me during treatment. This was also an activity that helped me to rebuild my brain after treatment, so I’m already very happy that I took the time to learn how to do it.

I’m on track to publish on Kindle some time in the next few weeks. That will keep the cost down. I’ll also be listing it in their promotional program so that it will be available for free just after it’s published. I’ll post here when that happens so that all the wonderful people that have sent me lovely comments over the last three and a bit years can get a copy without paying anything.

Thanks again to everyone that said ‘keep writing’, especially David, Michelle and Ricki.

Deep gratitude to my beloved friend and professional writer, Liz Swanton, for her practical and emotional support…..and for teaching me that that that doesn’t need to be there!

Meg McGowan


2 thoughts on “The Book Is Almost Here!

  1. How very, very, very exciting Meg. I’m so happy for you that you trained your brain back to its brilliant best and produced your newest work to inspire so many to be “Free from Fear” and living well after Cancer (& may I add for those like myself, living well with Cancer).Well done my friend, I know there will be many many people who will be inspired to live well because you shared your talents!Hugs,Ricki x

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